Our farm is special because of the people who work there, the animals we caretake, and the town where we are located. Sure we have, in our opinion, some of the best genetic lines of Wagyu and Berkshire, but the real reason our end product is better is the environment within which these animals are raised.

Our farmers are a mixture of local Vermonters, New Englanders, and former urban dwellers who sought out a more bucolic way of life. What they all have in common is their passion for the land, the animals, and farming as a way of life not just a way to make a living. Our farmers work in concert with each other while each individual focuses on specific areas of the farm that he or she is uniquely qualified to manage. We believe producing quality meat can only be achieved if we produce superb crops, manage pastures for optimum nutrition, and maintain all farm buildings to ensure animals comfort and health.

Our animals are unique for a myriad of reasons. Obviously our Wagyu and Berkshire Pork have unique traits that we highlight elsewhere, but we also have other animals at our farms. These additional animals all serve the same overall purpose: to create a physical environment that supports sustainability and enhances the farming experience for our animals and ourselves. We have oxen to plow our pastures and reduce the need for tractors which can damage valuable grazing crops. We have chickens, ducks and turkeys to add nitrogen to our pastures. We have goats to help clean up pasture areas that have been abandoned and need a few years to become productive pasture lands for our cattle. We raise bees and produce honey, but the process of honeymaking also promotes greater diversity in our pastures. All of these animals help support our overall goal which is to create quality meats in a sustainable manner. Plus, we enjoy taking care of each and every one.

Our land is situated in Royalton, Vermont and offers some of the best agricultural lands in the prettiest setting. It is a joy to work outside and stare out our office window or stand in our pastures and witness all the beauty Vermont has to offer. We are situated in a community where farming isn’t a novelty but rather a family tradition. We are lucky to be able to rely on our neighbors who also farm and enjoy the sense of community we feel when we work together to produce healthy foods for our family, friends, and business partners. Our farms work with the local agricultural college as an approved internship facility. Students are able to learn hands-on methods for raising beef cattle and pork while continuing their education. Our farms are able to work with the faculty at this facility on cutting edge medical advancements for our animals as well as nutritional programming to ensure our animals receive the best feed.

This is what makes our farm special. Please contact us today to discuss the possibility of touring our facilities and meeting our farmers. This isn’t just a business, this is our home.