We at Royalton Farms want to raise exceptional beef and pork without sacrificing the land, animals, or workers during production. Our farms are family owned and operated. We work with our animals and on our land everyday. Our farms collaborate with local schools and other local farms in order to enhance and expand our local farming community.

Royalton Farms is located in Windsor County, Vermont, a traditionally agricultural based community, which is why we are proud to be joining this community that is rich in agricultural traditions. Our operations are located on several different locations that were all hand picked because of their previous agricultural use. We have managed to grow organically within our community. Our locations are all managed as one farm and we employ the same philosophy stated above at each location.

Unlike most beef and pork producers within the United States we have a conception to consumer program, which means when you partner with our farm the product you provide your customers has been produced by our farms from conception through processing. Therefore we can actually assure you of the quality of our end product and you can be proud to tell your customers that you have provided local food that was raised safely, humanely, and sustainably.

We employ pasture management principles that enhance our animals feed, limit our need to ship in nutrients, and allow our farm locations to retain their agricultural beauty. We apply nitrogen to our fields using fowl rather than shipping in chicken manure. We rake our fields using trained oxen rather than tractors to limit our fossil fuel consumption and permit better quality crops. We employ a highly managed rotational grazing program for all our pigs and cattle. The end result is a better product.